Sunday, 19 May 2013

Vitamin D Acne

What Is Vitamin D Acne?

What is the relation between vitamin D and acne? Acne is undeniably the most common skin problem. Acne is not just a skin ailment but it can also decrease the self esteem of a person causing inferiority and disappointment. Many people confused on what causes acne and what is its treatment.

According dermatologist, acne can be treated by dietary regulations, low consumption of carbohydrates and other oily foods. In addition, acne will appear during puberty periods. There are lots of treatment creams offered in the market today, topical creams that seemingly claim that it can eradicate acne. Yes, it can relief temporarily but not to the point of eradicating it completely.

It takes years of research before they have come up to the conclusion of the relation of acne and vitamin D. there are many people claiming that they had the better facial skin during summer, because of the exposure to sunlight which contains vitamin d. Therefore, Vitamin d acne healing is a great help for skin problems. Moreover, if the vitamin D insufficiency is the cause of acne, a right amount of vitamin D supplement and Vitamin D acne healing process will completely vanish hence, give you a clear beautiful skin.

In order for you to understand on how vitamin d acne treatment works, you need to understand first on what vitamin D is and what are its benefits to our skin. According to research, vitamin D is considered as a hormone. If you have heard such things that the cause of acne is hormonal imbalance, then that is the result of Vitamin D insufficiency. In addition, Vitamin D is also known to fight bacteria thus giving you a clear skin. However, washing your face regularly with anti bacterial mild soap, could also help in avoiding microorganism, thereby preventing acne problems.

So, if you are afraid of having acne, make certain that you have the right Vitamin D consumption daily. And if you wish to solve your facial skin problems, Vitamin D acne treatment is the best choice for you. This treatment process is possible, whether natural way or through supplements. Only professional dermatologist can prescribe the proper amount and quantity of supplements for you. He would gather your medical history and will decide the right dosage accordingly. Do not use the vitamin D treatment if it is not prescribed by the doctor. Always remember that vitamin D belongs to fat soluble vitamins. Too much consumption of these can cause toxicity since fat substances will be deposited in your body.

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